On-Site Repairs

GM Upfitter Plug Location




Before the snow hits, be ready with properly serviced and inspected equipment. Have us set up your snow equipment and perform a preventative maintenance check. We can identify and repair problems before they become catastrophic failures during a snow event. Keep your equipment well maintained and ready to make you profitable during the snow season. We have a long history of identifying ways of making equipment more productive through upgrades and innovative designs.


I have been extensively trained by the largest construction company in the United States. I can inspect your equipment and provide you a detailed list of work that will be needed immediately and in the near future. This will allow you to schedule the equipment down when available as to not disrupt billable time. It will also keep the equipment running to make the company more profitable and the equipment last longer. We can also provide an oil sampling program to keep you informed of possible problems within the equipment systems. This will allow you to either remove the equipment from the fleet or schedule the equipment down to be repaired before a catastrophic failure.


Through the many years in the repair business, I have accumulated a large inventory of items needed to facilitate the repair of vehicles and equipment. These items include hard to find hardware, body clips, electrical, pneumatic, fittings, stainless hardware, clamps, and linkage parts. I have many other items not listed, so please inquire about any item that you may be having trouble locating. If I do not have an item in stock I most likely will have a vendor that can acquire the items you are looking for.


While on site we can provide repairs to any piece of equipment in your fleet.


Listed here are a few of the other services that will help keep your fleet profitable and DOT compliant. We can help with many other situations that may arise within your company. Please feel free to inquire about other services that we may be able to provide.