VR Enterprises LLC provides outstanding service and quality repairs that will last. I have many years in the field which provide me with the knowledge and expertise to keep your equipment on the road and making your company more profitable and safer.


We provide all phases of trailer repair. The repairs are made to the highest standards with longevity a key objective. The trailer is always looked over for DOT issues and brought to your attention. Training can be provided for your employees to keep the equipment legal.

By incorporating preventative maintenance into your fleet you will conserve resources in equipment costs and DOT fines!

Save your company time and money by having your trailers serviced in the field. Don't waste man hours by dropping off the trailers and then having to return to pick them up again. Calculate the amount of money it is costing in man hours and equipment costs to drop off and pick the trailers and you will find that our services will save your company resources!

We can observe and consult with you and your team to determine if their is a better more cost effective design to enhance or replace existing equipment to make your jobs more profitable

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On-Site Repairs

GM Upfitter Plug Location




Whether it is the lighting or body system on your tow vehicle we can provide the necessary repairs to keep the vehicle working properly.


We can inspect the vehicle for a variety of issues that can cause a DOT stop or cause the vehicle not to operate properly which will cost the company revenue.